Wireless communication technologies are rapidly evolving and influencing our daily way of life. The new wireless data and multimedia services that are added and supported on wireless networks alongside the traditional voice services pose formidable challenges to these networks in their effort to satisfy strict Quality of Service ( QoS ) requirements. To cope with these challenges new Enhanced Radio Resource Management (RRM) techniques are needed to improve system performance by maximizing the overall system capacity and maintaining the QoS of multimedia traffic.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an international forum for researchers and industry practitioners to present their state-of-art research on RRM and QoS techniques and to exchange ideas and explore new avenues of collaborations.


Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Campus Nord - UPC

Jordi Girona 1-3; Barcelona.


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November 16 th 2005

8h:15 a 8h:45


8h:45 a 9h:10

Welcome and Introduction.
Mr. Jordi Casamitjana . Head of Telefónica I+D in Barc elona ( Spain )
Dr. Fernando Casadevall; EVEREST Project Manager

9h:10 a 9h:30

Presentation from E.U.
(Mr. Andrew Houghton European Commission)

9h:30 a 10h:00

EVEREST QoS Architecture.
(Mr. Nima Nafisi - EVEREST project)

10h:00 a 10h:30

The DAIDALOS Architecture for QoS over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.
(Mr. Albert Banchs - DAIDALOS project)

10h:30 a 11h:00

Coffee Break

11h:00 a 11h:30

EVEREST's Activities on RRM/CRRM: An Overview.
(Dr. Oriol Sallent- EVEREST project)

11h:30 a 12h:00

Multi-Radio Access in Ambient Networks.
(Dr. Ramon Agüero- AMBIENT NETWORKS project)

12h:00 a 12h:30

Radio Resource Management Schemes for Efficient cooperation of RAN's.
(Mr. Emilio Mino - WINNER project)

12h:30 a 13h:00

Radio Resource Management for Reconfigurable Systems: An overview of the E2R Project Outcomes.
(Miss Lorenza Giupponi
- E2R project)

13h:00 a 14h:30


14h:30 a 15h:00

Enhanced Handover Control for Efficient Multicasting in MBMS 3G mobile networks.
(Mr. Ch. Christoforou- B-BONE project)

15h:00 a 15h:30

Broadband for all .
(Mr. Knut Rimstad- BROADWAN project

15h:30 a 16h:00

QoS Management in WIDENS terminodes.
(Mr. Rafael Guimarães - WIDENS project)

16h:00 a 16h:20

Coffee Break

16h:20 a 16h:45

Buffer management and scheduling strategies for heterogeneous traffic including video streaming in a MC-CDMA System.
(V. Corvino, G. Liebl, T. Mayer, V. Tralli and R. Verdone - NEWCOM project).

16h:45 a 17h:10

A Dynamic Resource Allocation for WCDMA System with Delay Constrains based on Hopfield Neural Networks.
(Mr. Daniel Calabuig - NEWCOM project)

17h:10 a 17h:35

On Managing Multiple WCDMA Carriers under Varying Traffic Conditions
(Dr. Jordi Perez-Romero - NEWCOM project)

17h:35 a 18h:00

EVEREST Testbed.
(Mr. Ramon Ferrús - EVEREST project)

In parallel with the sessions, demonstrations over the testbed of EVEREST will be available in groups of 4-5 people.